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Product Support

If you are a current customer, with a support contract, we look forward to hearing from you with any issues you may have. Please call or email us as required.

If you are not a current customer please use email for all inquiries as it will likely speed our response time to you. Also, please note that no support requests regarding product installation, customization and related issues will be responded to without a PayPal® receipt.

First, please check the FAQ pages (at right) for the product you have questions about. We will maintain FAQ's with all issues deemed to be of common benefit or interest.

Current version matrix:

Catalog Genie v 2.65
Content Genie v 1.2
Compare 3 for Interleaf 5 v 3.7.8
Compare 4 for Interleaf 6 v 4.3.0 (unix),
v 4.3.1 (windows)
Compare 5 for Interleaf 7 and QuickSilver

v 5.3.3 (unix),
v 5.3.4 (windows)

February 20, 2009

ExpertPub, ExpertDoc for Interleaf 5 v 3.4.9
ExpertPub, ExpertDoc for Interleaf 6 v 4.2.3
ExpertPub, ExpertDoc for Interleaf 7 and QuickSilver

v 5.2.0

September 8, 2009

If you are upgrading to DPS products that run with Interleaf 7 or QuickSilver, you will need to email us. Tell us what platform you are running on, the version of Interleaf or QuickSilver you are using, and the DPS product name. If you are running a node locked product, please provide the hostid.




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Compare ver. 4 & 5