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The following topics illustrate the types of solutions we offer and will link you to more specific information as appropriate. While our software tools are fully operational products "off-the-shelf", they often serve as the core of a custom solution. If you have questions or would like to discuss your application requirements, please email or call us at (978) 686-7615.

Consulting & Support Services

We can help you share product information across multiple applications including web and printed catalogs.


Marketing Support

The ability to quickly produce exactly the message or content you need for specific audiences is a constant challenge for any marketing organization. Catalog Genie offers a powerful and flexible solution. Whether you need to effectively address more market segments in less time and with less effort or increasing customer loyalty by providing custom tailored product choices and information, Catalog Genie can help you be more successful.

Catalog Genie-based solutions can also be implemented as a web service. Now your sales team, distributors, and even customers can create their own printed, mini-catalogs and other publications on demand. Think of what this can do to reduce your collateral costs while improving your effectiveness and responsiveness to all of your audiences.


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Web and Paper Catalogs from a Single Source

Greater efficiency means saving money. If you would like to maintain a single product information database, and update your web catalog and printed catalogs automatically, Catalog Genie, Content Genie and our support and consulting services can make this a reality for you and improve your competitiveness.


Product information management and publishing

If you need to manage product information such as categories, products and parts along with their descriptions, images and product selectors (attributes), learn about Catalog Genie. It can be the basis of a custom solution for your product information management requirements.

If you want to automate the production of print catalogs, look at solutions based upon either Catalog Genie or Content Genie. To see which approach is right for you, learn about the differences between these two approaches to catalog automation. Hint: Content Genie can help you maintain freeform, format-intensive Quark catalogs and documents. Catalog Genie is great for structured, template-driven, catalogs.

If you want to create personalized documents such as benefit booklets, mini-catalogs, and customized brochures, examine both Catalog Genie and Content Genie and then contact usto see how we can help you. Content Genie has scripting and print automation capabilities that form the foundation for a complete solution.


Software Tools Summary

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For Interleaf/Quicksilver Users Only

If you need to efficiently compare documents, automate redlining and highlight differences, look at Compare.