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Content Genie™

Content Management
Content Genie is the Quark Xtension that provides total content and approval cycle management for books and documents. Use Content Genie to keep your catalogs, price lists, directories and other documents up to date. Content Genie manages the approval process of each element of your document to increase your confidence in the documents you publish.

Approval Cycle Management
For all but the simplest applications, updating document content automatically is only part of the problem. The big challenge is tracking changes, getting approvals, and managing the process. Content Genie supports document specific approval cycles with unlimited tasks per approval level. With Content Genie, you assign tasks and manage approvals so that all parts of your organization can quickly check the status of your publication.

Integrated Database
Content Genie works by adding your books, documents and each “tagged” piece of information in your documents to an integrated database. Once in the database, these elements are updated, managed, and approved. You can quickly identify new items, deleted items, and unapproved items across all documents. Using Content Genie’s unique “Find” capability, you can search for items across documents and have Quark go to the right location.

Content Genie provides two advanced tagging modes:

  • The PriceList mechanism tags entire stories of tabular information with a single button press.

  • The Ad and Coupon mechanism utilizes artificial intelligence to select the right tag for your headers, descriptions, prices and skus (parts, items, etc.).

Because the tagging is so easy, and because Content Genie has a bi-directional database capability, you can use Content Genie to populate your eCommerce and other databases. Integrate Content Genie with IBM’s UDB, Informix, Oracle, SQL*Server, and Sybase. Documents and books can be updated incrementally or in batch mode.

The integrated database provides additional benefits:

  • You have continuous access to current data while tagging to ensure accuracy.

  • You avoid needing to run reports to create extract files.

  • You can access multiple tables to update a single document.

  • You can extend the application with your own queries, reports and VBA functions.

Service Contracts

For many users and applications, annual service contracts are a better, and often, more economical way to obtain general and specialized support. Annual Service contracts provide:

  • Support for product customizations
  • Support for custom integrations
  • Guaranteed, prompt responses to all questions and product issues.

The cost of an annual service contract is 20% of a software product's purchase price or a minimum of $4,000.

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Supported Platforms: Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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