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Compare 3® FAQ

How do I get the hostids so that I can get passwords for the Node locked license of Compare?

The easiest method for determining the hostid required is to try to compare two documents on the system you want to license. The error message generated will contain the hostid Compare is looking for.

How do I find out what version of Compare I'm running?

From the Interleaf desktop (with nothing selected) run the following:


What is the difference between Node Locked licensing and Floating licensing?

Node Locked licensing means that workstations (or terminals) are identified and their host ids recorded. These are named users and are the only users that can access the Compare server license. For example, you have a network of 10 workstations. Node Locked licensing would allow you to choose a finite number of workstations (example: 4) and only those workstations would be eligible to run Compare. If a person wants to use Compare, they must go to one of four workstations that are licensed.

Floating licensing means that any concurrent user that can access the server can use the Compare license. Let's take the same example (a network of 10 workstations). Floating licensing means that any 4 workstations can run Compare simultaneously. The workstations running Compare are typically different workstations at any point in time, but never exceed the total number of users purchased.

I keep getting a SIGSEGV error message when I run Compare.

Try the following steps and see if Compare works properly. If not, please contact the technical support department.

Open both the original document and the revised document. At the document level run the following:


Do this for all documents that are being compared. Save all documents as ASCII.

What are the first things I should do if Compare generates Lisp error messages or causes Interleaf to Crash?

Open the documents you are trying to compare. Save each one as ASCII (Save As ...). Then reopen the documents and resave in Fast (default) format.

If you are comparing books where the headers and footers are imported from catalogs, disable the comparison of headers and footers in the Compare configuration icon.


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