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DPS/Compare® for Interleaf and Quicksilver Systems


DPS/Compare® provides automatic comparison of Interleaf® and Quicksilver® documents and books, creating a third document or book that clearly shows you the differences.

Additionally Compare:

  • Eliminates the awkward approach of marking changes in a document as it is edited.
  • Configures which changes are identified in text, graphics, or document format.
  • Compares documents that contain information imported from CASE tools, databases, and word processors.
  • Configures how changes are identified.
  • Organizes and maintains a central document repository.
  • "A-pages" the difference document to keep pagination consistent with the original document. For instance, if three
    pages of text are added at page 5, the difference document will show the added material on pages 5-a, 5-b and 5-c.

Compare also provides a list of changed pages and a special print feature that lets you print only those pages which contain changes, without opening any documents. You can use Compare to help automate the review process, keep a detailed history of revisions, or publish marked or unmarked change pages to update existing publications.

Compare provides these capabilities without modifying the compared documents in any way or requiring document authors to perform any extra steps.


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Please note this

Please note that the Compare software will not work with other publishing software such as MS Word or Word Perfect.

It is for use with Interleaf or Quicksilver systems only.

Note: Interleaf is now part of Broadvision


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