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Catalog Genie FAQs

What is Catalog Genie?

Catalog Genie is a complete software solution that gives users the ability to quickly and easily design and generate highly customized catalogs. Catalog Genie includes a database system for managing product data including graphics and text files. Catalog Genie maintains as many product modifiers (attributes such as color, weight, material) as you like.

You can define and edit catalogs by selecting categories, products, and parts (items, skus). These catalog definitions are then saved for future publishing. Publishing is performed with the Quark publishing system. The output is available as Quark or PDF documents. You can also have Catalog Genie print directly to your printer.

What database does Catalog Genie use?
Catalog Genie utilizes Microsoft's Access database. You can integrate other applications into Catalog Genie.

What if I already have a product database?

You can use our freely available integration kit (distributed in source code form) to integrate your database into Catalog Genie. In situations where product, pricing or other information is maintained externally from Catalog Genie, Catalog Genie's database is viewed as a "staging" database. The various data streams are imported into Catalog Genie, correlated, then published.

We have done integrations with Oracle and DB2. Any ODBC data source can be integrated with Catalog Genie.

How do I integrate Catalog Genie with my E-Commerce database?

Utilize our freely available integration kit (distributed in source code form). If you are utilizing IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite system, the integration is included.

What platforms does Catalog Genie support?

Windows 2000 and Windows XP on Intel platforms.

How does Catalog Genie support the Macintosh?

Catalog Genie can be accessed via the Internet with a browser on the Macintosh. For users who want to edit the catalogs after Catalog Genie has created them, you will take advantage of Quark's interoperability between Windows and Macintosh. Once you bring the files generated by Catalog Genie over to the Mac, you will edit fonts, color and layout. Catalog Genie will have done the grunt work. Keep in mind, however, that it is our goal that the Catalog Genie output should be print ready.

What publishing package does Catalog Genie use?

Catalog Genie uses Quark 4.04 and Quark 5. It does not support Quark 6 or higher.

Can I get printed product information?

If you call for printed information, you will be sent printed versions of the following PDF files. Please download and print them.

Catalog Genie Brochure

Content Genie Brochure

Genie Data Sheets



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