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Catalog Genie® is a FREE download. What this means is that you can download and use Catalog Genie free of charge in applications of up to 5,000 discrete items or SKU's. If your application fits within these parameters or you'd just like to evaluate Content Genie, please click here or on the "Downloads" button at left. If your application requires support for more than 5,000 items, click here for additional information.

Catalog Genie

Catalog Genie is a complete software solution that gives users the ability to quickly and easily design and generate highly customized catalogs.

Product Benefits

Data Management
You can maintain all your product information including graphics and text files in Catalog Genie. You can maintain as many product modifiers (attributes such as color, weight, material) as you like.

Catalog Management
You can define and edit catalogs by selecting categories, products, and parts (items, skus). These catalog definitions are then saved for future publishing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
You can give every customer their own catalog with unique prices, categories, products and graphics.

Reduced Catalog Production Time
You can create catalogs that can be tailored and marketed to micro-segments without having to undergo the painstaking process of redesign of pages. You no longer have to cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop product after product.

Distributed Access
You can have remote sale people or distributors use Catalog Genie to create and print their own catalog editions.

Link to E-catalog Database
You can have Catalog Genie be linked to your e-catalog database and have your print catalogs share the same up-to-date information as your web version.


Built-in Database Management System
Catalog Genie uses Microsoft® Access as its database and has its own data management capabilities.

Selection Wizard
You can chose product attributes to produce highly personalized catalogs. For example, you might want items that are only the color "red" or size "large."

Price and Date Range Filters
You can choose a range of prices for example, and create a catalog with items only between $10.00 and $50.00. You can quickly create a catalog with only "new items" or only "old" items and offer a "last chance" discount.

Unique Customer Price Schedules
You can set up your customers by marketing segments or individuals with their own pricing. You can also copy prices and apply a discount. For example you can set a customer to be 90% of List.

Supporting Larger Applications

While the free version of Catalog Genie will support applications requiring up to 5,000 discrete items or SKU's, Catalog Genie can support much larger applications. For those applications, we sell incremental increases in capacity. The pricing follows

  • $4,000 per each additional 5,000 discrete items or SKU's.
  • Maximum license cost is $16,000.

Service Contracts

For many users and applications, annual service contracts are a better, and often, more economical way to obtain general and specialized support. Annual Service contracts provide:

  • Support for product customizations
  • Support for custom integrations
  • Guaranteed, prompt responses to all questions and product issues.

The cost of an annual service contract is 20% of a software product's purchase price or a minimum of $4,000.

Printed Product Information

Please download and print the following PDF files. Please contact us if you have any problems.

Catalog Genie Brochure

Content Genie Brochure

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Technical Facts

MS Access database is used by Catalog Genie’s data management system.

Linkage to most ODBC databases is either included or readily possible.

Publishes to Quark Xpress and PDF formats.

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Product Brochure

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